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2022 Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind Recordings

We're releasing 100 mastermind recordings that will be viewable until December 31st only, then gone FOREVER.

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7+ Hours of Training...

Learn impactful strategies from some the industry's fastest growing life insurance agencies.  All presentations have their slides stitched in for easy viewing and note taking.

Challenge Your Core Beliefs

A lot has changed over the last year.  Get out of the echochamber of your agency and social media groups and get an inside look into high growth agencies.

Only 100 Recordings Available!

We promised the speakers the information would stay in the room and recordings only available to 100 agents in order to get them to share their most intimate strategies.

Life Insurance Market Conditions Have Changed...

What worked last year, isn't working as well this year. Lead saturation has set in.

...Lead costs are going up.
...Sales rates are going down.
...Recruiters are getting buried in debt.

The agency owners on stage this year were curated because they're doing things differently than the rest of the industry and seeing tremendous growth.


Here's What You'll Learn...

Tony Hakim - "Intentional Growth"

Tony will challenge many of the shared belief’s in the life insurance telesales business and show you how to grow with intention.

Tony Hakim and his partners built North Star Insurance Advisors in 2015 and have continued to grow it to an organization that has produced over $150,000,000 of Final Expense annual premium, 100% over the phone.  With over 200 team members that support their agents and 8 call center partners, North Star has continued to see rapid growth to over $35,000,000 of production in 2021 and working to surpass $40,000,000 in 2022.

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Justin Thomas - "Multiple 6 Figures Without Chasing a Single Person!"

See the ad copy, targeting, sales page, video and backend process of a niche life insurance funnel that's resulted in over $300,000 in commissions every year.  After seeing this presentation, you'll have clarity on how to do the same.  

Justin helps agents build out life insurance lead systems around niche groups of people through his company Insurance Advertising Masters. He’s helped over 500 agents scale their business by showing them how to stop chasing leads and instead attract people to them with proper advertising and marketing!

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Justin Brock - "The Power of Brick & Mortar/Telesales Hybrid Agencies

Justin will show you how to structure a profitable brick and mortar/telesales hybrid agency and scale out of the grind.

Justin Brock has built an 8 figure revenue business in 5 short years. He’s founder of MedicareCon, GoGuru (tech) and an FMO with 100,000+ insureds…but his most profitable hub is his brick and mortar/telesales hybrid agency where he sells 80% of his business over the phone.

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James Whitley - "Changing Lives Via Agency Building"

James has a fresh take on agency building that’s been a foundation for growth at SLS. It’s bigger than leads, sales training, activity and mindset.

James is Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Operations at Senior Life Services (SLS). SLS writes over $25,000,000 of final expense production annually on an LOA-only model with just a few carriers. They take culture to the next level that will inspire the next generation of agency builders.

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Greg Gurbikian - "Consistently Close Over The Phone"

Greg will share the mindset and strategies necessary to consistently close anyone over the phone. Little hinges swing big doors and Greg will reveal these little hinges into your sales presentations to sell more life insurance over the phone.

Greg is co-founder and CEO of Healthcare Solutions Direct where he’s created a team of high performing sales professionals to think of the sales process as a relationship and not just a transaction. He’s author of the best selling book Sell The Problem Not The Solution and a seasoned sales trainer.

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Nic West & Jeff Root - "Challenging Your Beliefs + The Single Biggest Opportunity In The Market"

Nic and Jeff will show you how to thrive in the current life insurance market conditions by challenging the belief's you've been trained on and showing you the single biggest opportunity for life insurance agents today.

Nic West and Jeff Root are Managing Partners of DigitalBGA, a telesales focused life insurance agency named by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation. DigitalBGA’s proprietary technology gives them data insights to spot trends on what’s working and not working in real-time.

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Dave Arlinghaus - "Immersing Yourself In Your Niche"

Dave Arlinghaus, founder of Cigar Life Guy®, has created a successful life insurance practice around a passion; a love of cigars. Cigar Life Guy® is a true consumer brand recognized throughout the cigar community, mostly for content having nothing to do with financial services or insurance. 

With 8000+ followers across social media, 100K+ annual website visits, regular appearances on cigar industry media and featured appearances at consumer-facing industry events, Dave has high-intent, desirable (median age 55, household income $200k+) cigar smoking prospects reaching out to him.  Truly a lifestyle business.

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Tony Lani - "Niche Strategy To Leverage Influencers and Market Virally"

Tony Lani is CEO and founder of America First Insurance Group.  He’s unapologetically conservative and has built a business around his unwavering beliefs.  America First Insurance Group is outspoken and leverages some of the biggest conservative influencers in combination with viral marketing strategies to attract like-minded conservative prospects who want to support companies with the same ideologies. 

Tony will share the strategies behind his marketing and positioning in the market.

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Michael Binyaminov - "How To Capitalize On The ACA Gold Rush"

How to write 50+ ACA apps per WEEK at a $30 acquisition cost and cross sell them life insurance. You’ll see the ad copy, learn the economics and how simple it is to write ACA business in this quick value-packed 30 minute presentation.

Michael was a strong life insurance producer who transitioned to ACA this year. In his first full month, he wrote 215 policies at a $20 acquisition cost earning him over $5,000 in residual income in 1 month! He now teaches life insurance agents how to write 150+ ACA applications a month and get off the hamster wheel of life only business.

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Tony Merwin -"The Power of Attending Events"

Tony was the Emcee of this year's mastermind and he gave the event a ton of energy and kept it moving on both Day 1 and Day 2.

This was Tony's 24th event over the past year and he shares the power of attending events, getting in the room and checking your ego at the door so you can open yourself up to learn different strategies.  

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The strategies and tactics discussed were only meant for a limited audience. 

We're only letting 100 agents who didn't attend the mastermind view the recordings.  And even then, we're deleting them after December 31st, 2022.

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